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Majora's Mask

Majora's Mask is my favorite Zelda 64 game, and with kick *** graphics and a great storyline, it's no wonder...

And another thing: Link with the Fierce Deity's mask is totally awesome!!! The double-edged sword he uses is so huge, it's the size of Link!!!!

Link while he's wearing the Fierce Deity mask

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you would sacrifice or even KILL to get it? Well, if you have lived for the past two years thinking, thinking about the feel, the music, the story, and the conclusion to this epic quest that was so thrilling that you took no bathroom breaks? Majora's Mask, an adventure that is more than just a video game, but an experience that brings your wildest dreams to life. This review was not written to tell you about the game, this review was to show you what an impact such a game could have on everything around you, and to explain its grandest qualities to the best ability.

First I will look into the overlook of the game. Once you see your shinning gold cartridge shimmering in the light, you place it ever so gently into the console and switch it on. A spinning mask surrounds you, you press START and there you are, to the title screen. You enter your name and watch the beginning cinematic and hold a bucket under your mouth so you can contain your drool. The environment is so incredibly detailed you dont know whether to hold C-UP for a few hours, or follow Skullkid. The presentation of this game is specifically formed to get you hooked and enter the world of Termina with a smile on your face, and, it worked.

Now that I have explained my feelings on the subject, I shall now take a look at the storyline. The game cannot, and will not surpass Ocarina of Time as far as the story goes. I, for one, was not terribly excited about this plot and story, but it does have its strong points. For instance, the first cinematic is great, a game which focuses on getting revenge on a young boy who was possessed by a legendary mask was a great start, then the moon came along. I am not saying this wasnt a good idea, I am just stating that, well Legend of Zelda, wheres Zelda?

Next I will go into the graphics. The Expansion Pack was not used to make the polygons edges smoother, no, Nintendo wanted to increase the frame rate on this masterpiece so for instance when you are fighting Ward, a mini-boss, his forty-three eyes wouldnt slow down the game a bit. The environments are detailed, a good improvement over the last game, and there are no fading backgrounds so you must step closer to see it. Termina Field also is a more detailed world with more places and enemies to explore. No question in this department.

Gameplay is something that has been overlooked from IGN to HTLOZ. Amazing, thats all there is to say, simply amazing. Besides the fact that the moon is crashing down, the whole time-limit was one of the most creative ideas that has been put into a video game for quite some time now. I know you hate that you cant save anytime you want, but you know what, if thats what you worry about, take the time to consider the facts. In order to save, you have to accomplish something big, beat a dungeon, learn a song, earn a mask, etc. When you do this, you whip out the ocarina and save feeling proud of what you did that day on your game. Moving onto the characters; the best part of the game. This game is not about the dungeons, it is about saving peoples lives. Every second of the game is timed, every footstep is recorded and counted, which makes characters more fun, and innovative. The masks that transform you into a Deku Scrub, a Goron, and the Zora make this game more amusing than ever.

Another weak point in this game is sound. Now the Overworld Themes appearance back into the game is a plus, but most of the Ocarina songs sound like they were thought up by a drunk Japanese man who is selling drugs he made from a blue potion, via Koume. But, with all do respect, most of the music is very original and fun to listen to. An example would be ClockTowns carnival music that gets you in a great mood every time you play. The sound effects in this game are, surprisingly, better than those in Ocarina of Time. They actually took the time to go back and clean up the effects to make it more crisp and clear. (They even added a new scream for Link!)

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